Get familiar with the User Interface


User Interface allows you to Manage interface settings and look and feel of the Webmail once you login to the Email account.

You can manage Language, Time Zone, Time Format, Date Format etc from the Interface option.


The webmail is available in numerous languages. Switch it here if you like. When accessing the application, the language is automatically chosen from your computer’s operating system language.

Time zone

Dates displayed anywhere (e.g. when a message is sent) will be automatically translated into your local time zone. Set this to Auto to let the system use your computer’s time zone settings or select a specific time zone from the list.

Time format

Select how time (hours, minutes) are displayed.

Date format

Select the format how dates should be displayed.

Pretty dates

With this option checked, dates close to today will be translated into relative terms like “Today”, “Yesterday”, etc.


Set the interval where you want the system to check for updates (e.g. for new messages arrived)

Interface Skin

Choose the visual appearance of the user interface from a selection of themes.

Handle popups as standard windows

When Roundcube opens messages or the compose form in a new window, this can either be a detached window with a smaller size and without toolbar buttons or, with this option activated, be a regular browser window or even just another tab in your current window. If enabled, all windows opened by the webmail application obey the settings of your browser.

Register protocol handler

You can register this webmail app to be opened when ever you click an email link somewhere on the web.

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