How to customize your Mailbox View

Mailbox view helps you to define and setup the look and feel for your mailbox


This shows or hides the Preview Pane in the mail view.

Mark messages as read

Select the delay to mark new messages as “read” when opening them in the preview pane.

On request for return receipt

This option controls the behavior when you open message the sender requested a receipt when you read it.

Expand message threads

When listing messages in threads, this option controls how conversation groups are expanded in the list.

Rows per page

The messages list displays this number of messages at a time (aka a “page”). Increasing this number may result in longer loading times when opening a mailbox folder.


Check all folders for new messages

By default, only the Inbox is checked for new messages periodically. If you have server-side filters installed that will move incoming messages to other folders, you should check this option.

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